“I’ve yet to come across an industry where it won’t have an impact,”
- David Treat, Managing Director, Accenture Financial Services and Blockchain Group.

Forecast: Blockchain Disruption Ahead — Blockchain and Beyond  training Can Help

The Coming Trainwreck of Finance

The Coming Trainwreck of Finance

The world of finance is about to experience the kind of market convulsion the Internet brought to the media and retail world.

The cause? Something called blockchain. Blockchain is an innovation platform that will allow FinTech’s versions of Netflix and Amazon to disrupt today’s financial system. It is poised to transform the way our society conducts everyday financial transactions — from buying groceries to selling houses to financing jumbo jets. Blockchain will be like the Internet revolution, but much, much bigger.

Blockchain training: Lost in the bits and bytes

You’ve probably heard of blockchain and are either excited about the entrepreneurial opportunities it offers or feel you need to respond to it to sustain your company’s market position.  You need to get smart — fast. But that’s hard. There aren’t many blockchain education resources around, and those that exist target a software engineering audience. They focus on the technical details of blockchain — APIs, programming frameworks, and network protocols.

The problem is that they assume you have a blockchain knowledge foundation and already developed the business model you want to implement in blockchain. But what if you’re building that knowledge foundation and need to understand what kind of innovation blockchain enables? Where do you go to get smart about blockchain?

Help in creating your blockchain strategy

Until now, there’s been no place for you to go to learn blockchain fundamentals and help you create your blockchain strategy. That’s why I created Blockchain and Beyond: to help the millions of people who will need to learn about blockchain to develop new business strategies and offerings.

Here’s what one student said about Blockchain and Beyond: “It provides truly valuable information with key insights about blockchain technology that can’t be matched by any other course on the market.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that holds the potential to transform our business environment. To succeed in your blockchain journey, you need to understand how it works, how it’s used, and where it’s going. That’s what Blockchain and Beyond gives you. Best of all: it’s delivered online, so that you can learn blockchain at your own pace from wherever you happen to be located in the world.

From blockchain beginner to blockchain ninja in 10 hours

Blockchain and Beyond shortens your blockchain learning curve from weeks or months to days. It takes you from blockchain beginner to blockchain ninja with eight modules and 10 hours of video training. As another student said: “It provides an excellent overview of the blockchain ecosystem — the fundamentals, recent developments, innovations — and the presentation of blockchain case studies is fascinating.

So what’s in Blockchain and Beyond? Here is what it covers:

Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain

A fast-paced overview of what bitcoin and blockchain are and why they’re important. Module 1 discusses the relationship between bitcoin and blockchain, since the two are often described as a single thing. They’re not, and understanding the difference is key to the entire blockchain ecosystem. If you’re brand new to the world of blockchain, this module will help you get grounded and provides the right foundation for your blockchain knowledge

Module 2: Bitcoin and Blockchain Data Structures

On the face of it, this might seem like quite technical material. And, to be fair, it does require some work to understand how blockchain data structures operate. The thing is, if you don’t understand them, you can’t design a blockchain-based business model. If you’re someone who wants to focus on blockchain business opportunities, you can skip to Module 6 and return to modules 2 – 5 when you’re ready to design your blockchain business offering.

Module 3: Creating the Blockchain: Mining

When I first got interested in blockchain, I found the constant references to miners confusing. I thought bitcoin was about digital currency. Who needs to mine bits? But I came to understand what miners do in the blockchain world and how critical their role is. Module 3 presents the role of miners and incentives, which are used to motivate blockchain participants and keep sufficient decentralization in place to avoid hacks and fraud. It also covers how transactions are created, secured, and kept anonymous.

Module 4: Buying and selling Bitcoin

All that bitcoin and blockchain technology creates a digital currency. Many leading economists are calling for an end to physical money. Some countries have declared war on currency. Learn what the post-physical currency world will be like. Blockchain and Beyond discusses the ways that bitcoin is used, and the surprising things that people use bitcoin for.

Module 5: Extending the Blockchain

This section of the course concludes with bitcoin adoption and extensions — how people have extended the core bitcoin functionality to enable functionality like asset tracking and data security. This section also discusses the limitations of the bitcoin blockchain technology, which has caused many people to look for alternatives to the bitcoin blockchain.

Module 6: Bitcoin/Blockchain Adoption

This module examines adoption metrics and demographics. Bitcoin is a surprisingly international phenomenon, but has distinct regional adoption skew. Bitcoin is also moving into mainstream markets and demographics, and this module discusses this trend, along with its implications.

Module 7: Emerging trends in blockchain

Because of the limitations in the bitcoin blockchain, people have created new blockchains to support different functionality and use cases. The “Emerging Trends in Blockchain” covers the arrival of alternative blockchains like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Ripple in depth, describing their architecture, operations, and how people are using them. Module 7 also discusses something that many people think is the most powerful feature of these emerging blockchains: smart contracts. The module covers the concept of smart contracts, how they operate, why they hold the key to transforming business operations, and the challenges present in implementing a smart contract. The module even discusses the infamous DAO hack (don’t worry if you don’t know what this is — you will by the end of the module). Module 7 concludes by  addressing the role of cloud providers in the blockchain ecosystem (HINT: it’s going to be huge!)

Module 8: Blockchain innovation

The course concludes with a module on blockchain innovation. This module presents how innovation occurs, the ways blockchain will be leveraged to enable innovation, the conflict between those who want to use blockchain to streamline existing business offerings and others who want to disrupt the current world with new ways of conducting business, tracking business transactions, and sustaining personal interactions. The module contains six case studies of new blockchain offerings, how they leverage blockchain characteristics, and what markets they address. Module 8 also includes a section on how you can create an innovative business offering by using the unique characteristics of a blockchain system.

Getting started the right way with Blockchain and Beyond

When I started working with blockchain, I found it enormously exciting, but also enormously frustrating — there was no good single source of blockchain information or knowledge. So I had to sort through documentation, wikis, blogs, and tweets to get a full view of blockchain — and much of the information was out-of-date or just plain wrong. It took me months to really understand how blockchain operates — and appreciate why it will transform the way we do business.

It’s obvious to me that a streamlined form of blockchain education is necessary: if you believe the World Economic Forum forecast that blockchain will account for 10% of global GDP in 2025 (that will be $9 trillion!), it’s clear that tens or hundreds of thousands of people will need blockchain knowledge. And the personal sorting process I went through won’t work at scale and can’t work fast enough to meet the demand for blockchain education.

That’s why I created Blockchain and Beyond. It’s your opportunity to access a learning experience that one student called “Very informative, brings all the pieces together, has prepared me for blockchain success. It’s the right first step on your blockchain journey.

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