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Introduction to The Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Course

I’ve worked in cloud computing since, well, since before it was called cloud computing. When I first encountered what Amazon then called Infrastructure-as-a-Service, I recognized it would become the technology platform of the future. So I immediately threw myself into cloud computing to learn as much as I could.

People soon began asking me to share my knowledge. I created the very first cloud computing training course available anywhere and taught it all over the world. While I loved sharing my knowledge, I was frustrated that my in-person workshop could only reach so many people, and knew a better solution was needed. I just wasn’t sure what it could be. I eventually moved on to other cloud work, but never lost sight of my belief that the industry needs a cloud training solution that can scale to train the hundreds of thousands of people who need to learn the topic.

So I was delighted when Udemy contacted me and proposed a partnership — my AWS knowledge and its industry-leading education platform. I immediately recognized that this would be solution to the scaling issue — a course that could be delivered to anyone, anywhere, any time.

My course is called The Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and it delivers a full foundation to build your AWS skill set. Better yet, the material is aligned to the most popular AWS certification and gives you all the knowledge necessary to pass the certification exam on your first go.

What Students Say

Here is what some students say about my course:

“This course is the best tool for someone who wants to get the certification. “

“Had an awesome experience with the course and I already recommended to my friends.”

“Very well presented. Much better than most Udemy courses.”

I loved learning with these videos. I am a trainer myself, I can say these videos are very well made.”

“Surprised at how much good information was packed into this. If you’ve never spent any time in AWS, prepare to be amazed.”

Course Content

Here’s what’s in the course:

  • 159 video lessons —  27 hours of AWS education!
  • Full coverage of the core AWS services — S3, EC2, VPC, RDS, IAM, and Route 53
  • A full hands-on project in which you build a fault-tolerant application with autoscaling and accelerated content delivery
  •  Coverage of the critical AWS white papers that form the basis of the new Solutions Architect Associate certification exam
  • A practice certification exam that reproduces the questions and conditions of the real-world experience

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Want to know more about the course?

Here is a description of its modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Course Setup
  3. AWS Overview
  4. AWS Object Storage: s3, Glacier, and CloudFront Part 1
  5. AWS Object Storage: s3, Glacier, and CloudFront Part 2
  6. AWS On-Prem Serivces
  7. IAM
  8. EC2 Part 1
  9. EC2 Part 2
  10. EC2 Part 3
  11. Route 53
  12. Databases
  13. VPC
  14. Application Services
  15. AWS System Services
  16. Fault-Tolerant WordPress Site
  17. The Well-Architected Application
  18. Prepare for the Certification Exam
  19. Conclusion

As you can see, it’s comprehensive. But it’s also comprehensible. I used my experience in cloud training, books, and countless blog posts to ensure the material is structured and communicated in a logical, easy-to-understand way.

The Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is the most approachable, cost-effective way to learn AWS available anywhere.

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Even More!

But wait! There’s more!

I also created a companion course to the The Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate. It’s called The Ultimate AWS Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exam and it gets you ready for your all-important certification exam day. It provides:

  • Three practice tests with 60 questions each
  • Timed to replicate certification exam conditions
  • Questions based on actual certification exam questions
  • Full descriptions of correct (and incorrect!) responses to help you understand why you were right (or wrong)

Use this coupon to purchase the companion practice exam course for only $12.99. Between the Solutions Architect course and the practice exam course, you’ll be fully prepared to pass your certification exam on your first try.

But wait! There’s even more!

When you sign up for The Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate you’ll also get access to my Five Must-Have AWS Certification Tips ebook. It provides five strategies to help you pass the certification exam. It teaches you ways to understand how AWS exams are structured, good ways to analyze individual questions, and more. It’s yours for free when you sign up for The Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

I look forward to having you as a new student and sharing my AWS knowledge with you.

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