Meet Bernard

I’m Bernard Golden. I’ve been in software my entire career — hands-on developer to executive positions in charge of engineering and strategy. I’ve always worked at the leading edge of emerging technologies, driven by a fascination with the new (and, frankly, a tendency to get bored easily). I’ve moved from packaged software to open source to cloud computing as each has emerged and represented the most innovative framework in software use.

Over the past decade I helped dozens of organizations make the transition to cloud computing, and identified the best practices to help organizations adopt transformational technology.

Today, a new innovation platform is emerging — blockchain. Its impact will be even bigger than cloud computing, because its scope reaches far beyond information technology. It holds the potential to transform the way we do business.

That’s why I founded the Emerging Tech Academy — to help companies accelerate their move to blockchain by applying knowledge and the transformation best practices from the 50+ cloud transitions I directed. After all, when you’re beginning a journey to a new future, it helps to have an experienced guide.


The Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

“Strongly recommended. More effective than many courses ten times the price.”

I’m a huge advocate of cloud computing. And I have a passion for educating people about cloud computing — that’s why I wrote four books on the topic. While books are a great learning tool, I felt I wanted to do more. So I was delighted when Udemy approached me and proposed a partnership to create a video course to help people learn AWS and pass the most desirable AWS certification — the Solutions Architect Associate.

And I’m pleased to make the full course available to my website visitors for only $14.99! Use this coupon to get started on your hands-on AWS journey — for only $14.99!


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