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Bernard Golden is a long-time tech innovator and visionary. named him one of the ten most influential people in cloud computing, and his blog has been listed in over a dozen “best of” lists. He is the author/co-author of five books, including Amazon Web Services for Dummies, the best selling cloud computing book ever.

Bernard began his career as a software engineer and rose to serve as vice president of engineering at several startups. While writing Virtualization for Dummies a decade ago, he learned about a new technology called cloud computing and immediately recognized what it represented: an innovation platform that would change information technology forever. He began consulting on cloud computing and worked with enterprises and service providers throughout the world.

From 2012 to 2015 Bernard served as an executive at two cloud computing software startups: Enstratius (acquired by Dell, 2013) and ActiveState Software (cloud product line acquired by HPE, 2015).

After leaving ActiveState, Bernard began researching and consulting across a number of new technologies, including machine learning, drones, genomics, and 3D printing. One, however, stood out as the next innovation platform that will transform our society: blockchain.

The core truth of our times is this: technology is central to our way of living and it’s changing faster and faster with each day. Individuals and businesses must adopt new technologies or risk being left behind. Unfortunately, most struggle with this because they don’t know how to sort out what’s important or create a model for successful adoption. So they face a critical challenge: their success in the future depends on learning how to adopt new technologies, while they lack a mechanism to achieve adoption.

Based on this insight, Bernard founded the Emerging Tech Academy to accelerate personal and business adoption of new technologies. Because blockchain is the next innovation platform, Emerging Tech Academy’s first training offering is Blockchain and Beyond, which provides a knowledge foundation to prepare people for the next technology revolution. You can learn more about Blockchain and Beyond here.